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RERA mandates filing of proformas of Booking Form, Agreement of Saleand Sale/conveyanceDeed along with application for grant of registration of project. These drafts along with Allotment Letter are to be used for the carrying out the transaction in respect of the Project. At RERA Consultants LLP experienced, knowledgeable legal counsels assist indrafting and prepare the said documents. Such documents are be drafted considering the various provisions of RERA, scheme of the project and understanding the business requirements of the Promoter.

Under the rules, it is required that the land title search report from an advocate having experience of at least 10 years in land related matters to be filed. At RERA Consultants LLP, we have legal counsels having the necessary experience to provide the land title search report.

With the coming of the Act, the method of carrying on the business of real estate has tremendously changed, which also means that the project is that are undertaken under joint development require that the landowners and the promoters fulfil their obligations in accordance with the provisions of the Act, Rules and circulars issued by the authorities in this regard. Due care has to be taken while drafting the joint development agreements in order to capture the necessary points in order to meet the requirements of the Act, Rules and Circulars. AT RERA Consultants LLP, the legal counsels who are regularly updated of the various requirements under the Act can provide assistance in drafting of the Joint Development Agreements and other associated documents. We also provide assistance in drafting all other legal documents as may be required by the Promoters.

Under the act it is necessary that once the agreement of sale is executed the same as to be registered. We have necessary supporting staff to assist a Promoter in getting the Agreements of Sale registered and also the Sale Deeds, at a very competitive price. After execution of the sale deeds we are also capable of providing liasioning services in getting the Khatha/Municipal records dictated and transferred to the names of the respective allottees.



For Expert Advise on all matters under RERD Act - 2016

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RERA CONSULTANTS LLP aims at providing all services under The Real Estate ( Regulation and Development ) Act, 2016 to the Promoters, Agents, Finacial Institutions, Real Estate Associations as well as the Allottees/Purchasers.

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