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Pioneer in the field of providing consultancy services in all matters related to The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, RERA CONSULTANTS LLP is a one stop consulting firm backed by seasoned professionals having expertise in the fields of Real Estate, Legal, Accounts, Construction, Information Technology, providing consultancy services to Promoters for registration of Projects and all other matters related and ancillary to the registration of the Projects. RERA CONSULTANTS LLP aims at providing all services required by Promoters and Agents to meet the requirements under The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act , 2016.

Why RERA Consultants LLP


Registered as LLP in Aug 2016, The only Professional RERA Consultants in India Act , 2016.

RERA Consultants LLP has under its aegis seasoned and experienced Legal, Financial professionals, Engineers, Architects etc., who understand the requirements of the Real Estate Industry and have the capability of delivering all the services in the most professional manner.

From having envisioned the requirement of professionals coming together to meet the requirements of the Real Estate Industry, even before the entire RERD Act was implemented and also having put together systems and best practices in place, RERA Consultants LLP is well equipped to meet the needs of the Real Estate Industry.

RERA values each client's uniqueness (This is what separates our clients from the competitors). Hence, while designing our scope of services, we give utmost importance to the flexibility. Some of the features can be customized in the scope of services to meet your specific needs.



For Expert Advise on all matters under RERD Act - 2016

About Us

RERA CONSULTANTS LLP aims at providing all services under The Real Estate ( Regulation and Development ) Act, 2016 to the Promoters, Agents, Finacial Institutions, Real Estate Associations as well as the Allottees/Purchasers.

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